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SP3SH Africa is an exciting lifestyle, celebrity, entertainment and fashion industry which highlights the up-to-date African from all walks of life.

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We are committed to premiering high end educative but entertaining animated movies to the younger generation as and when they are released, organizing shows such as the SHEBOND (celebrating womanhood), TEENS Honorary Choice Awards (the future leaders serving as watch dogs) and SP3SH Africa fashion weekend (to provide a platform for established and upcoming fashion designers to showcase their work to an international audience.

Our projects
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To a refurbished Sp3sh

Hello SPESH lovers, SPESH Africa as a brand, is committed to serving you the very best in celebrity, lifestyle and fashion information relating to the modern day African.

I will be sharing my thoughts on fashion, lifestyle as well as a mixed bag of messages that is aimed at helping you to stand out from the lot. Welcome to my space on our new, refurbished website. I hope you enjoy your time reading the content and viewing the images in our Gallery.

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Yours faithful, Mandy-Louis, CEO

Our Projects

With activities such as SHEBOND, TEENS Honorary Choice Awards and SP3SH Africa fashion weekend

Ghana Fashion

Our fashion industry is responsible for making a change. The fashion industry needs to come together as a whole with largest companies driving the initiative. The young generation and upcoming talents is very key and we need to listen to them and give them what they want
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The She Bond

The She Bond Initiative was born out of the need to ensure that the relationship that exist between the mother and daughter strengthens and continue to stay strong even as the daughters grow and become their individual unique selves.
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Sp3sh Africa Fashion Festival

Sp3sh Africa brings to you the debut signature FASHION-UP weekend. An event showcasing the most prestigious fashion brands and
upcoming talents in Africa.
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